Wandering Shorts

Apart from helpful ‘how-to’ travel tips, I also want to share with you some wandering shorts (some mental snapshots if you will) from my own travels. I want to paint a vivid picture of the incredible world in which  we live.  The idea is to give YOU itchy feet. 🙂 I want YOU to get a taste of wanderlust and discover exactly just what incurable ‘fernweh’ means.

The sites, the people, the cultures of this world are myriad collections of infinite beauty that will beckon you to their shores, city limits, remote deserts, colorful forests, deep blue waters—all of it. I want to give you a taste of some of the brilliant moments I’ve been privileged enough to witness and share with some amazing fellow wanderers along the way…

Some Wandering Shorts…

By: Sarah Braun

Fez is Life in Technicolor

Paris is the Best Kept Secret

Art Conservation is a Superpower

Distance is Not Indifference

A Glimpse Into a Buried City



If you have some of your own wandering shorts or location requests, I’d love to hear about them!  Leave your comments below or email me!




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