Making 2016 the Year of Empowerment

February 1st.  My first blog post of the year. I suppose you could say that I am getting a late start. However, I’d beg to differ with you. I’ve spent the end of the 2015 and first month of this new year, laying the ground work to have the best year yet. I’ve been storing up tools and reading up on resources on how to empower myself and those around me to really get after it this year. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a New Year’s Resolution though either. Resolutions suggest that only the beginning of the year is worthy of transformation. On the contrary, I believe that this is a continuous process (see my 30 in year 30) that we need to revisit and rework often. As human beings we are constantly changing and evolving—that means our goals should too.

So what exactly is my point?


I want 2016 to be the year you chase after your dreams and your passions. Don’t stay somewhere just because it’s comfortable. If you have never known a place where you are celebrated for your own amazing uniqueness, go FIND it. It will be like taking a breath for the first time and feeling like you’re born again.

The places and passions will be different for all of us. For me, personally, the pursuit has a lot to do with making sure I focus my professional career on areas that bring me joy and fulfillment (World Heritage, Sustainable Development, and Travel). In the past, I looked to traditional ways of making a living, and it just wasn’t what I wanted. Something was missing. I didn’t want to be limited to one place and one desk. So, this year, I have made it my personal goal to pursue my passions in a way that will also support me financially outside of the office, continually on the move. It’s going to be an interesting journey for sure, but I’m so ready for it.



Empower yourself.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will definitely be a scary endeavor…but that’s also what makes it exciting. Also remember though, that you don’t have to do it alone. A great place to start is looking for resources out there to help you. A favorite of mine, The GlamourBaby Diaries, is run by a good friend and colleague, Ruby Veridiano, a motivational speaker and consultant. She focuses specifically on the empowerment of young women and socially responsible fashion (a fascinating topic!). If you are unsure where to start, I highly recommend heading over to her website and signing up for her newsletter—which gives you access to her #glamourbabygoals mission statement and goal setting guide.

The best way for your dreams to become a reality is first putting them to paper and then working toward that goal.


Don’t continue to wait for the right moment. If nothing changes, then nothing will change. You are more powerful than you will ever know. Your dreams and goals are there for the taking. You just have to be brave enough to go for it.

This year, 2016, will be the year that I don’t compromise my dreams and goals. I am going to make it happen. You can too. Empower yourself. Step out into that great big world and find what makes you really tick. Once you find it, you’ll be ready to take on anything life has to throw at you.