So what exactly is LoveItaly! you ask?


LoveItaly! is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the preservation, promotion and appreciation of Italy’s unique cultural patrimony. The association is the first of its kind to support conservation projects throughout Italy.

If you have followed any trends in the business realm of startups and personal projects over recent years, then you’ll know that crowdfunding has been a successful tool for individuals, private organizations, and even some government funded groups. It’s a very exciting time for Italy!

Specifically LoveItaly! was founded by LVenture Group, a holding company quoted on the Italian Stock Market that participates in digital start-up businesses, together with an international group of coordinators, professional advisors, and volunteers from varying fields of expertise—all with a unifying mutual passion for the beauty of Italy.

LoveItaly! will champion a cause that I have researched and advocated, myself—development and preservation through public-private-partnerships (PPPs)—operating in collaboration with Italian ministries, superintendents for Italian monuments, fine arts and museums, local and national authorities, church leaders and higher institutions of learning, including Italian and international universities, as well as academies.

Our objective (and yes I say ‘our’ because I am now officially an ambassador for the organization) is not only to reach the millions of visitors coming to Italy, but also the countless number of people worldwide who are passionate about Italian history and culture. Through this amazing crowdfunding platform we will be able to better connect with local and international communities, as well as implement new forms of communications to reach out and engage new audiences.

What can YOU do?

If you love Italy like I do, you are not alone! Take a moment and get involved!!  Check out what projects are in need of your help by visiting or contact me here. Donate today! You can help save our universal heritage for the future generations of the world simply by clicking a button. 🙂

One of the current projects you can be part of completing is in the famous city of Pompeii.






This amazing city is an excellent testament to the Roman way of life. It has been amazingly preserved throughout the centuries due to the devastation caused by the sudden eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 C.E. I fell in love with it, myself, 10 years ago when I visited during my first semester abroad. (That’s me with the famous Vesuvius in the background in 2005 🙂 )




See exactly what is going on in Pompeii with the restoration of  Cubiculum n.3 of the Domus of the Centaur, one of Pompeii’s finest and most important examples dating back to its “Golden Age” in the 2nd Century BC. on LoveItaly! today. You’ll have access to photos, restoration information, and why completing this project is so important! Check it out!

IMG_7707Photo Credit: LoveItaly!

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