8 Types of Travel Personalities — Which one are you?

When you travel, you don’t always have the same needs, wants, and expectations as your fellow companions, which can sometimes cause problems during your adventures. Some of you might like to just get away and relax with a cocktail in your hand on some remote beach somewhere. The rest of the group, on the other hand may find bliss in the exertion of a long afternoon hike with a breathtaking panoramic view of the sunset as a reward.

DSCN0946     You or your partners in crime might see yourselves as explorers – searching out an immersive experience with the locals – looking for the most authentic experience possible. Still, you could even be the type who enjoys hitting up destinations in style and luxury, keeping it easy. Or the complete opposite with a tight budget for everything, stretching your dollar for all it’s worth. You may even find that you have a combination of these preferences when you travel, and that’s perfectly okay.

Why is it important to understand your travel personality? Well, there is nothing quite as annoying having an international travel spat with your vacation companions. You can avoid those kind of clashes by knowing what types of travel experiences really make you tick and satisfy your craving for wanderlust.


  1. The No-stress Vacationer.

If this type of traveler is you, then you most likely prefer the all-inclusive type packages. Pay one price – cover all major expenses like food, drinks, and lodging. You are looking to make your next holiday absolutely worry free, to relax and recharge. If this is what you envision on your next vacation, you probably don’t want to go with individuals who have a more adventurous spirit. Save it for another time.

  1. The Obsessive List-maker.

You need a to-do list, a packing list, a travel itinerary, printed reservations for all lodging and activities, every copy of every guidebook you can fit on your kindle. You need to feel prepared with contingency plans for multiple scenarios. Lists help you do that – and that’s okay. If you love experiencing new places, but always need a plan, your best travel match may be with those individuals who prefer to move in groups. A group always needs an organizer (i.e. YOU). You can even give everyone their own personalized checklist! It will be list paradise!

  1. The Money Magician.

You are the ultimate budget traveler and can make a dollar stretch to infinite limits, yet still find ways to have the best experiences out there. I won’t lie; this is the type of traveler that I am mostly (and possibly my favorite kind). Why you ask? Well, discovering that this type of travel exists and that you can do it easily and successfully, takes away the stigma that ‘traveling is for the wealthy.’

Traveling is for everyone, and you can be a money magician too. Get familiar with some of the great travel hacks out there, and start planning your next trip now. You’ll be surprised how far that $200 in your pocket can get you if you know how to use it.

COOLPIX P50001156

  1. The Cultural Adventurer.

You don’t want the run-of-the-mill travel experience. Instead, you’re searching for the road less traveled—the route off the beaten path—often surrounding yourself in a local environment and avoiding anything that might label you a ‘tourist.’ You probably know at least one foreign language (and are in the process of learning more). You want to immerse yourself in everything your new destination has to offer, until you can almost taste the culture on your tongue and feel it in your bones.

It won’t be odd for you to end up on the couch of an individual you met that afternoon at the bus stop. They’ll give you a personal tour and introduce you to best places to eat and drink. It will be like setting up ‘home’ no matter your location.

  1. The Eco-conscious Explorer

You are a firm believer in the power of sustainability and the connection between man and nature. You believe your travels shouldn’t negatively impact the destinations you visit. You support initiatives and blogs that advocate and empower other socially conscious travelers like yourself. You don’t simply want to take from the world, but give back and share that with others. You travel well with the cultural adventurer and money magician (but not so well with the No-stress vacationer).

  1. The ‘I Need People’ Person.

You don’t like to travel alone. It’s just not something that appeals to you and that’s okay. You may even find that if you’re traveling alone for work, you still seek out social activities in the area where you can meet and chat with people. You just want someone to share your experience with, and there are great options out there no matter where you are in the world. You and the obsessive list-maker will compliment each other trekking together.


  1. The Goodtime Go-getter.

You are the epitome of a booked social calendar. You travel to destinations because you know the bar scene and DJ sets are going to be off the wall. You have memorized every major music festival for the entire summer. You want to bring all your friends with you, and they want to come too – because it usually means VIP passes and exclusive entrances to the coolest parties out there!

In general, you’re pretty easy-going so you can travel with just about anyone, but maybe avoid some trips with the list-maker. You don’t always like to play by the rules when it comes to organized itineraries, and that’s dangerous ground.

So, which one are you?

Don’t stress. It’s probable you’re a combination of a number of these personalities – maybe even all of them. Personally, I identify the most with the Money Magician and Cultural Adventurer, but from time to time, I’ve been all of these travelers. Once you understand what makes you tick as you explore the world, the easier it will be to glean the type of experiences that fill your soul (and avoid potential disasters with incompatible travel companions).

So, go — get out there — and start wandering this amazing world we live in!!


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